Local LAMP/LEMP development studio build on top of docker, electron.js, node-pty, xterm.js and the awesome laradock!

Why a GUI?

  • Starting, stopping, re-building is pretty painful when you’re working on a number of projects
  • Setting up more than one project requires a bit of expert knowledge in Laradock, especially when someone is getting started, the desktop app solves this problem by using random open ports without editing any server config
  • Takes away the learning curve on knowing Laradock / Docker commands so that things can be done at the click of a button
  • Developers who still rely on XAMPP / WAMP gets a look at how powerful Docker is as a development environment
  • Supports pre-build images for running Laravel or any PHP frameworks, WordPress or any CMS in few mins
  • Built-in support for HTTPS with SSL certificates, zero-configuration needed
  • Advanced networking features to connect multiple stack containers

One-click deployments

Get started with a stack with few clicks

Multiple stacks

Create multiple stacks of the same configuration and run them simultaneously

Automatic HTTPS

HTTPS/TLS is supported on the domain stacks.run which is pointed to local development server

CMS support

Run any CMS like WordPress, etc with out of the box configuration

Framework support

Run Frameworks like Laravel, phalcon, CI without worrying about setup, PHP extensions are included out of the box


Easily share your local stack with co-workers remotely by using DS Flights

Integrated Terminal

Natively compiled with an integrated terminal to run shell commands using xterm.js

Pre-built images

Pre-build images let you deploy stacks like Apache, Nginx, MySQL servers instantly


Easily connect stacks as microservices with each other using advanced networking features